Author Guidelines


* Potential authors must follow MS Word template of IOP Proceedings template


* Your paper shall consists from 6 to 8 pages
* Paper less than 6 pages will not be published in the proceedings
* The instruction can be downloaded from the IOP Proceedings: (click on preparing your proceedings paper)


Writing Guideline - IMPORTANT! 



 The title must convey the objective of the paper




 Email(s) address (please use institution email)




The abstract is a very brief overview of your ENTIRE study. It tells the reader WHAT you did, WHY you did it, HOW you did it, WHAT you found, and WHAT it means. The abstract should briefly state the purpose of the research (introduction), give the research problem and/or main objective of the research (Motivation), how the problem was studied (methods), the principal findings (results), and what the findings mean (discussion and conclusion). It is important to be descriptive but concise--say only what is essential, using no more words than necessary to convey meaning. The Abstract should be 100 to 200 words in length


Keywords: Keyword 1; Keyword 2; Keyword 3; Keyword 4; Keyword 5.

Minimum 3 and maximum 5 keywords.



The structure of an introduction is


Literature Review

It presents a critical look at the existing research that is significant to the work that you are carrying out. You cannot simply give a concise description of, for example, an article: you need to select what parts of the research to discuss (e.g. the methodology), show how it relates to the other work (e.g. What other methodologies have been used? How are they similar? How are they different?) and show how it relates to your work (what is its relationship to your methodology?).


Theoretical Background (if any)


Data and Method


Results and Discussion





To give a summary of: